If you sell products or services
to cannabis dispensaries
and recreational stores, you
know how difficult it is to develop a
complete prospect database.

You can research state regulatory agencies, but that takes searching through a couple of dozen websites and downloading multiple files in different formats with data fields that don’t match. And still, all you end up with is basic information like store name and address.

Or you can troll the consumer purchasing sites like Leafly and Weedmaps. They’re great if you want to find deals on bud, but they don’t provide a national prospect list with key contacts, phone numbers and email addresses.

Now, there’s a solution: the National Cannabis Dispensary Database from the Cannabis Industry Institute. From Washington state to New Jersey, the National Cannabis Dispensary Database provides you with key prospect lists for 19 states, including licensed medical dispensaries and recreational stores. Data includes store name, address and website, as well as names of key management personnel such as owners, managers and assistant managers.

Here’s the difference between state license information and
the National Cannabis Dispensary Database.

Below is a record from the State of Colorado. We provide the same information that the state does, but add the
critical components you need for sales, marketing or research: names and titles of
key managers and additional contact information.

Actual Example of Data

Information Available from the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division:

Licensee Name @Lightshade Labs LLC
DBA Lightshade
License # 402-00970
License type Center - Type 1
Street address 1126 South Sheridan Boulevard
City Denver
Zipcode 80219

Additional Data Available from the National Cannabis Dispensary Database:

DBA Lightshade Sheridan
Phone (720) 630-2810
Primary contact Steve Brooks
Title Owner
Email steve@lightshade.com
Secondary contact Trent Moore
Title Store manager
Email trent@lightshade.com
Website http://lightshade.com/
General email admin@lightshade.com

Here are the states currently available in the National Cannabis Dispensary Database and the number of
dispensaries in each state.


No. of Dispensaries

Arizona 79
California 448
Colorado 529
Connecticut 8
Delaware 1
District of Columbia 5
Illinois 11
Maine 8
Massachusetts 6
Minnesota 8
Nevada 25


No. of Dispensaries

New Hampshire 4
New Jersey 5
New Mexico 24
New York 20
Oregon 422
Rhode Island 3
Vermont 4
Washington 355



Most industry vendors find
the National Cannabis
Database extremely
valuable. In fact, in many cases
one additional sale from
using it more than pays for a
Database license.

All of the data has been gathered in 2016 and is updated periodically as our team of researchers verifies data from internet searches and phone calls. We will continue to add information as dispensaries in new states are licensed and opened for business.

Here’s how the Database license works:

We provide you with comma-delimited files for each state, so you can import them into Salesforce or any other program—which must accept imports from .csv or .xlsx files—that you use to manage your activity.

Depending on the state, the Database includes contact names for 60-75% of the listings (some with one contact name, others with two).

The license restricts use of the data to the purchasing company by the user’s email domain. If your company has users with different email domain names, please provide all domains entitled to use the data at the time of purchase. Domains must be owned by the company licensing the data.

You may not sell the data or otherwise share it with any other entity.

The license is for the current data. In the future, if you want to license updated data the additional license fee is 50% of your original purchase price (so if you buy during the discount period, your update license will be discounted by the same percentage).

Data will be provided within one business day of receipt of payment by credit card or company check.